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Car Stealthbox®
Subwoofers J L Audio Speaker Size

Sound Quality

Factory stereo systems can be weak, especially when it comes to bass. The best way to improve your car stereo system is by adding a subwoofer.

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No Bulk, Just Bass

Subwoofers can take up a lot of room and look unsightly. JL Audio's Stealthbox® subwoofer systems solve this problem by designing their boxes to blend into a vehicle's interior. No one will ever know it's there.

Base Package

Engineered for Better Sound

The design of the Stealthbox® begins with studying the target vehicle and evaluating potential locations. The goal is to maximize sound quality while minimizing loss of vehicle utility and comfort.

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The Results are In

Truckin' magazine declared: "You never would think that a single 10-inch woofer... in a box made to blend in with the interior, could produce as much bass as a system with several 12-inch subwoofers..."