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Apple Products Connectivity
Car Stereo Connectivity

Connectivity is Key!

Listening to your favorite playlist on your iPod or iPhone is easier than ever! Many iPod-ready systems now use a 30-pin connector cable like the one that connects you already use for your computer.

Car Stereo Music Streaming

Enjoy All Your Music Apps

Access your favorite mobile music app on your iPhone and listen to it through your car's audio system.

Car Stereo Smartphones

Make Good Use of Your iPhone

Not only can you access your iPhone's music, it's also possible to control it on screen. New systems may also allow access to video apps like YouTube and Netflix or even control of your iPhones map app.

Car Stereo iPod, iPhone, iPad Hookup

Connect Any Apple Product!

Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your new system and enjoy worry-free access! Most of the new systems will allow use of most Apple products that use the 30-pin connector.