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Kenwood In Dash Video
In-Dash Video

Entertainment On The Go

Adding a new level of entertainment to your vehicle. Not only can you listen to all of your music. You can park and catch a movie without leaving your car.

Navigation All In One

Many in-dash video systems equipped with the industry standard navigation systems, offering a variety of display options to make your driving easy such as Junction View, Lane Assist and 3D Building Map. INRIX traffic information, offering real time traffic information as well as parking, fuel services, weather and much more. Parking guide lines appear even on third party rear view cameras, making parking easy and safer.You can also play DVDs through the rear seats to keep back seat passengers content during long trips.







Car Stereo Video

Watch Movies With Most
USB Devices

Not only can you use your phones Bluetooth technology to interact with your in-dash system but you can also utilize the USB ports to listen to music, watch movies and even charge your phone.

DVD In-Dash Video

Touchscreen Technology

No more fumbling with knobs and sliders or confusing directions. Touchscreen technology has evolved so far that it's simply how things are done. Our state of the art screens are durable, vibrant and they offer clear and easy icons so that navigation and use is intuitive and fun.