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Subwoofers J L Audio Speaker Size

Speaker Size

When replacing or upgrading your speakers the most critical thing to consider is what size speaker will fit in your particular vehicle. If you have any doubt, consult your owner's manual or visit a Mickey Shorr location near you for free expert advice. Size does matter.

Subwoofers J L Audio Wattage


Watts are a measurement of energy. Subwoofers are rated in their capacity to handle power, measured in watts. Use the wattage rating of your subwoofer as a guide in matching it to an appropriate amplifier or receiver for clean, clear sound with a wide frequency response range.

Base Package

Bass Package

We offer many subwoofer and amplifier combos, or bass packages. We make it easy to select the right components for your particular listening environment. A powered sub is also a good way to go. It combines both an amp and subwoofer in an enclosure. Since the amplifier is built-in, there's just one piece of equipment to place and install.

Car Stereo Empty Enclosures

Empty Enclosures

Subwoofer enclosures do much more than simply give you somewhere to mount your subs; they also influence the bass quality produced by your subwoofers. Choosing the right enclosure can be tricky. But it doesn't have to be. Our trained staff is here to help you get just the right enclosure to fit your needs.